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Syrian Hamster Cages

Syrian Hamster cages are readily available but finding a suitable home for your Syrian Hamster can be a daunting and time consuming task.

With so many factors to consider such as size, price and cage design it can be a lot to consider.

Most importantly, you want to pick a cage that is large enough, safe, and easy to clean.

Thankfully we have created this handy list of points to consider when choosing a new home for your Syrian Hamster.

Minimum Syrian Hamster Cage Size

Syrian Hamster Minimum Cage Size
There are studies that have shown significant behaviour changes in Syrian Hamsters with those housed in larger enclosures displaying more natural behaviour and far less signs of stress and health issues than those housed in smaller enclosures.
A sufficient amount of unbroken floor space and a suitable exercise wheel are both essential for your hamsters well-being.

A Syrian Hamster cage of 80cm x 50cm in size with a deep base for substrate is the bare minimum you should consider when purchasing a new cage for your Syrian hamster.

Unfortunately, most cages you will find at your local pet shop or the larger pet stores do not meet the minimum size requirements when it comes to Syrian hamsters.

Is There Enough Space for a Wheel?

Syrian Hamster Wheel Sizes
Syrian Hamsters are incredibly active animals, particularly during the night-time.

Typically Syrian Hamsters will run up to 9km (5.5 miles) per night both on their exercise wheel and around their cage.

Many cages come with a hamster exercise wheel too however often these are far too small for a Syrian hamster.

When choosing a hamster exercise wheel it is essential you choose one that is a minimum of 28cm in diameter.

Any smaller than 28cm and your hamster will not be able to run with a straight back and potentially develop spinal problems.

Also when choosing a Syrian hamster cage should ensure it will be tall enough to house an exercise wheel of at least 28cm in diameter.

What to Consider When Shopping for Syrian Hamster Cages

What to consider when shopping for hamster cages
With so many variations of cages available each with their own pros and cons.

You should take the time to decide which cage best suits both your and your hamster’s needs.

Generally speaking cages with a plastic base and metal bars are the preferred choice because of their ease to clean and access.

There are however there are other options available such as wooden cages and home made options.
Some bookcases and display cabinets can easily be converted into fantastic hamster homes.

Your hamster’s new cage should at least meet or exceed the recommended minimum cage size of 80cm x 50cm.

Is the Cage Safe & Secure?

Syrian Hamster Cage Safety & Security
Syrian hamsters are versatile climbers and amazingly persistent escape artists, but they can also be rather clumsy.
If your chosen cage is quite tall then you may want to consider adding some hammocks or additional shelves to minimise the risk of injury from falling.

Make sure that the bar spacing on your new cage is no more than 12mm so that your hamster cannot escape easily.

Your should also ensure that your new cage has suitable ventilation, a wire cage is by far the best option for ventilation.
If you are considering using an aquarium or other enclosed enclosure be sure to make sure there is adequate ventilation.
You can do so by leaving the top open or creating a lid with a metal mesh such as chicken wire.

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